Monday, July 4, 2022

Apps To Have Fun

Apps To Have Fun: Mobile, Watch, VR, And More

As a kid, my goal was to maximize my fun time. As an adult, I saw that other things like responsibilities can get in the way. So it becomes extra important to make sure we take the time to have fun, even if it is just a short break.

Depending on your device of choice, you have options like:

• Mobile Game apps - I may not game hours at a time, but I do use apps to play word games & chess daily. There's also games like Tetris & Roblox.

• Mobile Music apps - I use apps to help me play instruments like piano, & picking the songs I want to play is definitely helping me stay motivated. Lately I've been learning to play theme music from movies, TV, & games. There are also apps for other instruments like guitar & ukulele. It took me a while, but on the ukulele I am finally getting used to playing some of the chords.

• Watch apps - after trying to avoid getting a watch, it was hard to say no when I was offered an Apple Watch through my health insurance. The watch lets me track all my activities like pool laps, respond to texts/calls, & even make it easier to track my disc golf scores. Read more at

• VR games - there are a lot of great apps to try out, not just Beat Saber but even games through the web. Not only games, but also other immersive experiences to check out as well.

• Console - consoles like Nintendo Switch have lots of great games to play together like Mario Kart.

• PC - many games these days you can play from different devices, but sometimes the experience can be better on a PC. Playing games like Roblox on PC lets you play using a mouse & keyboard while others are limited to the controls through a mobile device.

What apps are your favorites to have fun? Let us know @AGamerWarrior

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