Thursday, December 30, 2021

Gaming The Metaverse

So we are officially owners of our first VR headset - Oculus Quest 2.

Originally planned for our younger daughter, we found out post-purchase that it is intended for age 13+ & requires a Facebook account.

The immersive experience is mind-blowing, so it became a gift for me this Christmas. It gets intense, so you'll definitely want to ease into it the first few days.

Games like Beat Saber are incredibly addicting, but luckily I'm good after a few quick rounds for a while.

The device starts at $300 for 128GB & you can opt for the 256GB version for another $100.

If you end up getting one, you can also get $30 in credits for games like Beat Saber by purchasing it using this link, or you can always buy from other places like Amazon 

See you in the metaverse :-)