Monday, October 9, 2023

Moving more Pickleball sports fun

I tend to obsess over at least one sport/hobby to keep myself moving, & this time it is pickleball.

Luckily, I have a few friends & family that play I regularly with, which is especially fun playing in doubles.

I'll still switch up to other sports as well - like ping pong, disc golf, flag football, & soccer when I can.

I also keep myself moving even when solo - I recently completed another 75 Hard challenge, am still using my VR, & plan to take out the surfboard when I can.

And even when I can't make it outside, I also enjoy playing board games, dominos, & having other fun with family & friends.

If you're local to South Florida, just reach out & we can get a game going. Or you can cheer me on virtually on the Strava app.