Sunday, November 7, 2021

Holiday VR Gaming Wishlist

The holidays are approaching fast! Since I've enjoyed a lot of gaming over the years & like to plan, I wanted to have my gift wishlist for the holidays planned early this year.

We have been playing the Nintendo Switch more & even bought a year of the $35 family online plan to play old console games (NES, SNES), & new games like Tetris with friends. But lately I've started obsessing to get something new for the holidays.

So VR is nothing new, but is finally becoming more accessible due to a couple of changes:

  • Entry-level - if you ever tried the $20 headset to use your phone in VR, it obviously doesn't compare to the headsets that cost thousands. Luckily we have the Oculus Quest 2 starting at $300 for 128GB
  • Total immersion - running into walls with small spaces has been a problem in the past. But now you have accessories like VR treadmills, & there is a Black Friday special going on now on the Kat Walk C

We plan to get a VR headset for the holidays, but in the meantime I signed up for the Xbox Game Pass for PC. Normally it is $10/mo, but the special right now is a 3mo subscription for $1

This subscription gives you access to hundreds of games like Undertale, Tetris Connected, Overcooked 2, & Doom Eternal. There are also upcoming games like Forza Horizon 5 & Halo Infinite that I plan to try out.

One thing I did realize is the amount of space these games now take up, so I may also look into adding an external hard drive, which luckily can be had for under $100 for a 1 Terabyte (TB) fast solid state drive (SSD)

So what games are you playing lately? Let us know on social

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