Sunday, November 17, 2019

Control Your Classic Gaming Experience

I played a lot of video games over the years. It has had a great history. 

And for me it started young at the arcades with games like Pac Man and Street Fighter 2. I remember saving up for my first console system the Atari 2600. Nintendo I was hooked on shortly after with games like Super Mario Brothers, Mega Man 3, and Punch Out. Then in 1989 I spent hours with my first portable video game system with games like Tetris on the Gameboy. 

Young in school I would finish my work early so I could play games like Oregon Trail and Lemonade Stand on the class Mac computer. Then in high school I got into PC DOS computer games like Doom, Lemmings, & SimCity when I got my first computer.  My goal was to finish assignments in programming classes so  we play each other in games like Duke Nukem 3D & Worms. With the Internet becoming popular that also gave us a chance to play each other in PC Windows games like Warcraft, Starcraft, & Quake 2: Capture The Flag. 

Games continued to evolve over the years, especially with the growth of mobile devices. I do play a couple of games on my phone like chess and scrabble, but find many of them push in-game purchases. 

Our family is putting together an "edutainment room" with old computers running Linux, and have found free versions of games such as Hedgewars. You can also find many free classic games such as at Archive.Org's Software Collection. 

For now I'll start them by using simple controllers like the inexpensive SNES 2 pack USB controllers that work on PC/Mac/Linux. Some may prefer something more advanced like an N64 controller, or even build their own arcade gaming machine with 1000 of games by using controllers parts from a Full DIY 4 player set 

What are your favorite systems and games? Let us know in the comments

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